How to Make Tuna Melts Using the Oven…The Ulala Way!

Hi, I’m Ula Robertson Neumann, I’m chef and owner of At Your Service and My Catering located in Rockland County, New York. Today, I’ll show you how to make a tuna melt using the oven. Tuna is a very popular food and it’s eaten a lot of times cold in salads. But it’s also wonderful on a piece of bread for lunch or for dinner. And it’s very easy to do and I’ll show you how. So you need about a quarter cup of mayonnaise, an eight of a teaspoon of pepper, three quarter cups of tuna, two sliced scallions, a slice of bread. In this case I chose pumpernickel. And two slices of cheese, I chose Muenster cheese. And an oven proof dish sprayed with non-stick spray. So the first ingredient that goes in is the mayonnaise. So the next thing is the black pepper. The tuna. and the scallions and I chose scallions because they add a nice crunch to the tuna salad on the sandwich. So our ingredients are now combined and I can spread them on the bread. So now top it with the cheese and I chose muenster for this because muenster really melts nicely. So this can go on the oven proof dish and in the oven at 350 for about six to seven minutes. After that seven minutes in the oven the tuna melt is ready to be served and here’s how I like to serve it. And voila, I just showed you how to make a tuna melt using the oven, the Ulala way.

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